“Agito” is a Latin word meaning: Driven - Pursue - Action - Change - Celebrate.

“Minds” refers to things that matter because it’s either required, necessary, a pre-requisite, a conditional, expected or essential. Minds also mean people thinkers, signifying collaborative innovation endeavours.

Reason for our existence

AGITOMINDS was established to provide the right advice and resources at the right time to maximise our clients’ performance goals and corporate ambitions.

We are a firm of professional, passionate, proficient and experienced people driven to achieve our own ideals and inspire innovative competence through:

  • Collaboration: the art and process of shared creation
  • Innovation: the continual pursuit of new value
  • Authenticity: designing unique strategic solutions to contemporary circumstances.

Our Values


We are committed to high quality and excellence, inspiring us to achieve the very best within our capabilities and to exceed our own expectations.


We endorse ethical and honest behaviour and taking responsibility for our actions.


We embrace collaboration, working together towards common goals, as active members of open society enhancing common interests.

Put people first in building a prosperous society - as the future belongs to those who give the next generation reasons for hope.*

*Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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