What is this agency about? The world of fashion and glamour has always been dynamic, and today’s Dynamics of Fashion, as we know it, is fast-paced, technologically savvy and global. For today’s students who want to be both in the now and in the ‘know’, they are privileged to experience the guidance of Lisa Brown. She is driven by her passion of directing people to achieving their full potential, especially that of the artist. Lisa’s agency will therefore guide every student in the direction of starting a successful business whilst pursuing their dreams.


We believe readers want content over advertising, that is why we offer the service of creating unique content that we know our readers will love, we will help you to start up your brand, help you to gain more followers and build your business in a new dimension all well hosting this content on a platform that is trusted and frequently visited.


We get it . Running a Makeup Artistry business is new to you, but not to us. I have been in the game for a number of years and I am proud to have my own successful Makeup School & Business.

We speak the language. We know how to package and convey a message that will resonate with our readers. We get them, since we are part of them. The bottom line is, we speak their language.

We’re here to help you. Unlike many other bloggers and online platforms we operate like a business. We know we offer something of value and therefore we’ve built a tailor made business around it. Our team is from a sales, marketing and social media background and we have decided to create this platform to help Makeup Artists, like you.